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Moving to WordPress, NanoBlock, H4 extruder...

So while trying to update the site, I started to realize the limitations of Blogger, and I decided to move the entire site to my own hosting with WordPress at the back end. Although much more work than I originally intended, I think the pros outweigh the cons by a huge margin. Not only can I host my own files myself, I can add a forum or a store in the future if need be. Also the layout of the site will be much more attractive and easier to navigate and read. On my end, the biggest change will be getting rid of the horrible post editor in which I'm writing these lines. :)

I've already set up the hosting and WordPress theme, currently work is being done on the site layout and migrating what little content there is here to the new site. There will be some content changes as well. For a long time now I've been wanting to add some of my other areas of interest to this blog, but I didn't really want it all to intermingle, thankfully the new layout will allow for automatic separation into categories so it doesn't all get jumbled up.

The things I will also be writing about are (in no particular order) 3d graphics in 3ds max (focused on architectural visualization - which is my day job), Allegorithmic Substance Designer, various other graphics software (like Photoshop, Illustrator etc.), my attempts at scripting in 3ds max via maxscript and so on.

So it's going to be more interesting I think, and hopefully will also allow me to post more frequently and provide you with better content all around. I am also discussing some guest appearances so stay tuned for that too.

Work is being done on the new and revamped 'How not to buy a 3d printer' guide which will be much more thorough than the last one and hopefully will cover more ground making it easier for newcomers to jump over the possible pitfalls, which was the intent of the first one as well.

Also, a lot of people have been asking me in the last year what's up with my extruder projects, so I have some news on that part too. The NanoBlock is almost done, has been for a long time now, but I really haven't had any time to work on the design lately. That being said, I'm (again) waiting for some new motors, and I've been at work for a long time trying to bring you the world's smallest and lightest fully featured extruder. I've had some problems with custom parts which are hard to source, and I would really like the final design to be easily made by anyone so I'm trying to deal with that. As I've stated elsewhere the current iteration of the extruder is 4.5x4.5x4.5 cm and weighs around 124 grams all included. I think I can do better, we'll see. :)

As for the long awaited update to the H3, I've decided to start from scratch and make a new bowden based extruder. I need to get my machine printing, and since the NanoBlock currently installed on the machine is in a constant state of redesign, that leaves me without a working printer most of the time, so I'll be fitting it with the H4 as soon as it is done.

I'll still be posting to this page until the migration is complete, and if everything goes smoothly, all the old links to the posts will redirect properly to the new site after the move.

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